A Brave New World

August 17, 2011

About a week and a half ago, I thrust myself into the big, wide world of e-publishing by putting a Science-Fiction short story, "Mind Melding," up for purchase on the Kindle and Nook stores and Smashwords. I gleefully told my friends and coworkers, then sat back and waited, a grin on my face. I sold 11 copies on the Kindle, and for a few hours I even got in the top 100 in the Sci-Fi/anthologies category (not one I signed up for, by the way--I classified it in short stories); this only a week after publishing it!

Well, now I've hit a bit of a slump, and the big, wide, scary world of e-marketing and social networking is staring me in the face. I'm a writer, for crying out loud; I was born an introvert, not a social media butterfly! I play with my imaginary friends--my characters--all the time. I was a late adopter of Facebook as it is (does no one else think that some high school "friends" are better off not remembered?), so I'm relatively new to the entire concept of social networking. Even writing a blog seems like a big, scary step--I'm putting personal information out there. Yikes!

But, well, I want to sell my books (a bit more on that in the next post). And apparently those rumors I've been hearing for the past decade about books not selling themselves are actually true. So here we go...time to cannon ball into the brave new world of e-publishing and e-marketing.

Join me in my e-publishing adventures--I may be an introvert, but I do love friends! You can "like" me on Facebook.  (and for my next trick, I'm joining Twitter! Once my heart rate decelerates from adding a real picture of myself to Facebook...)

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